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How would like the AHF module of Queen Solar with metal film capacitor of 15 years life, and with 4 year warranty?

Queen Solar & ABB are the only 2 AHF manufacturers in the world that adopt 15-year-life metal firm capacitor

AHF range (A): 50/100/150/200


Other AHF capacitor life 8 year


Most of the AHF manufatures are using electrolyte capacitor

SVG range (kVAR): 35/75/100/135


Queen Solar AHF capacitor life 15 year


Queen Solar & ABB are the only 2 companies in globe using metal film capacitors

Do you have an ambition to upgrade from AHF (active harmonic filter) distributor into AHF manufacturer?
Queen Solar is your right partner to achieve your ambition.


Queen Solar is devoted to helping our partner to upgrade from distributor into manufacturer

• Supply of key component required for SKD assembly of  AHF/HFPS

• Supply of drawing and documents for design,         manufacture and service of AHF/HFPS

• Supply of technology setting up and operation of production & testing facility

• Trainning and service on operation on SOP, and testing and after sales service

• Continuous consultancy and upgrading of design

Why are Queen Solar ’s partners so easy in success of assembling AHF in partner’s factory with SKD components supplied by Queen Solar?

Why have so many AHF distributors shifted from previous manufacturer to Queen Solar for AHF distribution and SKD assembly?

Queen Solar is adopting metal film capacitor with 15 years life in its AHF module , doubling the life of countpart electrolyte capacitor of others

Queen Solar’s AHF has smaller size and lighter weight (150A AHF module: 51kg in weight, 205mm*500mm*678mm in dimension)

Saving labor cost in installation and commissioning. CT phase sequence can be selected in touch screen to match the actual sequence of power cable to avoid physical change of CT location.

Convenience in cleaning cooling fan. To clean the cooling fan of AHF module, only to open the cover of cabinet & front cover of AHF module which saves time and money.

Queen Solar is granting exclusivity to Queen Solar’s distributor/SKD assembly partner in each market region

Queen Solar is granting 4 year warranty to Queen Solar’s distributor/SKD assembly partner.

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