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Why Energy Storage System is important to our life and living environment?

In recent years, with the increasingly serious problems of energy consumption and environmental pollution, people's demand for sustainable energy is increasing.

In order to solve the instability of power supply and low energy efficiency, distributed energy storage system came into being.

It is a technology that converts electrical energy into other forms and stores it for use by the power system.

The significance of distributed energy storage system is mainly reflected in the following aspects:

1. Solve the problem of unstable energy supply:

Distributed energy storage systems can store excess energy when the energy supply is in excess and release the energy storage when the supply is insufficient, thus solving the problem of grid volatility and supply instability.

It can flexibly adjust the power supply, improve the operation efficiency of the whole power system, and reduce the risk of power failure caused by insufficient power supply.

2. Optimize energy efficiency:

The distributed energy storage system can transfer the energy from the high-load period to the low-load period, so that the energy utilization efficiency is maximized.

Through the use of energy storage systems, the power grid load will be more stable, and the reserve capacity of the power system will be improved, thereby reducing energy waste and environmental pollution.

3. Promote the development of renewable energy:

Distributed energy storage system plays an important role in the development and utilization of renewable energy.

Renewable energy (such as solar energy, wind energy, etc.) is limited by weather, time and place, and its intermittency and instability make it unable to directly meet the continuous and stable power supply requirements of the power system.

The distributed energy storage system can store the electricity generated by renewable energy and release it when needed to make up for the problems caused by its instability, thus promoting the large-scale application and development of renewable energy.

4. Improve the safety and stability of the power system:

As a part of the power system, the distributed energy storage system can provide backup power for the power system to deal with the power failure caused by unexpected accidents.

In the case of natural disasters or other emergencies, the distributed energy storage system can respond quickly to provide emergency power support to key facilities (such as hospitals, transportation hubs, etc.) to ensure public safety and basic living needs.

5. Reduce energy costs and improve economic efficiency:

Distributed energy storage systems can reduce energy costs by using trough electricity prices, (low electricity prices when the grid load is low) to charge, and then discharge energy storage at peak electricity prices (high electricity prices when the grid load is high) to achieve low electricity purchase and high electricity sales.

In addition, distributed energy storage systems can also provide opportunities to participate in the power market, obtain income through energy trading, and improve economic efficiency.

To sum up, the distributed energy storage system has great significance in solving the instability of energy supply, improving energy efficiency, promoting the development of renewable energy, improving the security and stability of the power system, and reducing energy costs.

With the continuous progress and innovation of technology, distributed energy storage systems will inject vitality into future energy development and provide important support for the transformation of energy structure.


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Queen Solar is a dedicated renewable energy enterprise with strong technology, specializing in the R&D, manufacturing and selling of storage inverter, lithium-ion battery and energy storage system. We always committed to manufacturing and selling reliable and stable products, provide customers with excellent services and always consider the interests of customers. We focus on quality and brand building as the foundation of our growth. Our main product portfolio is hybrid inverter, Lithium-ion battery, All-in-one ESS, we are your best partner in energy storage system. The products have been sold to more than 80 countries, we bring clean energy to thousands of users.

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  • Strict quality management system is followed for production.

  • Excellence in quality control expertise and in quality assurance devices.

  • International certifications and rigorous internal testing.

  • Proven products at competitive prices

  • Professional trainings for all partners.

  • Turnkey solutions for residential energy storage systems.

  • OEM/ODM/contractual production orientation for common growth with partners.


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